2013 Laka Poster

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E ULU KA MAILE HIHI I KA NAHELE, E ULU KA 'IE'IE KŪ I KA WAO, E LAKA Ē, HO'OULU 'IA! The maile vines grow abundantly in the forest, the 'ie'ie grows profusely in the wild, Oh Laka, inspire me with your knowledge!

Laka is the Hawaiian goddess of hula. She is also known as the goddess of the forest and nature. Traditional hula halau, often dedicate an alter or kuahu, in honor of her with offerings of very specific native Hawaiian palnts. In hula protocol, the various Laka plants represent the divine qualities desired by students of hula. Some of the plants sacred to her are maile, lama, 'ie'ie, palapalai, 'ōhia lehua and kī. As the forest goddess, she also embodies the nourishing elements of light and rain.

This limited edition art print poster, is printed on UV coated 100# paper. Posters are personally signed by the artist Nelson Makua. (Size: 12" x 36") # LP-13

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