2014 Kamapua'a Poster

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Numerous are the forms of Kamapua'a.

Kamapua'a, the Hawaiian pig god, had the ability to change his appearance at will. He was a shape-shifter with numerous forms. At times he appeared as a tall handsome man, attracting women with his virile stature and the next, he would be a pig rooting in the deep black mud of the forest.

Defiant of all authority, bold and untamed, he is the "pig" within us, pursuing the good things in life, adventure, love and sensual pleasure. Treacherous and tender, he is the embodiment of the best and worst in all of us.

This limited edition art print poster, is printed on UV coated 100# paper. Posters are personally signed by the artist Nelson Makua. (Size: 12" x 36") # KAMA-14

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