Kanaloa Lua Vase

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Kanaloa Lua Vase

The He'e or octopus is believed to be one of the kinolau of the Hawaiian god of the sea, Kanaloa, He is probably the most intelligent of all invertabrates and have been shown to have the ability to learn from experience. They feed on crustaceans (shrimp, lobsters, crabs) and mollusks (primarily cowry snails). Their dens are often recognized by the pile of broken crab and snail shells found just outside the entrance. Early Hawaiians also relished he'e and captured them either by spearing or by using lures made of a large cowry shell lashed onto a hook called Lu He'e, attracting the he'e with the movements of the lure.

This vase is done in High Fire Ceramics. An original design by artist Kainoa Makua.

Ceramics are upgraded to insured Fed EX Shipping on all orders within the USA, this is included in the price of pottery. International orders will have an additional shipping upcharge to be calculated based on shipping destination added during processing, Please email for more info regarding international orders. (Vase size: 20"H x 9"W x 9"D") #KLKHFC

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