Lei Hulu Note Cards - Small

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Lei Hulu Notecard Collection

For Hawaiians, Lei Hulu or feather lei, were reserved for the Ali'i, They were the adornment and acknowledgement of nobility. Feathers were gathered from various birds such as the 'i'iwi, 'elepaio, 'apapane, and 'o'o and were made into lei, cloaks, and helmets. Today, the art of feather lei is enjoying a resurgence with younger artisans using more contemporary designs and patterns. Native birds are no longer used for their feathers and many are now extinct. Feathers used today come from game birds, domestic fowl, and commercial feather companies.

Designed by Nelson Makua, these note cards come in a set of four cards and envelopes. Available exclusively from Na Makua. (Card size: 4.25" x 5.5") #SNCLH

Pack of 4 - $15
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